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Who Killed the Bill?

So the proposed health care bill from the GOP is DOA.

Which feels like a win. And it is. But there is a deeper story here that is troubling. I really want you to think about this.

This happened yesterday. “This” being the Koch Brothers (and a few other high donor players) saying they will not back legislators that pass it.

Now while we all have known for quite a while that we are living in a plutocracy, this is an absolute confirmation of it. I really want you to consider that this bill was slated for more tweaking. That it was a campaign promise from Trump (who has been very swift in attempting to fulfill campaign promises). That it was a planned for and expected thing for seven years now.

And the Koch Brothers simply killed it with one fell swoop.

So, while I’m happy that this iteration is dead, this is a disturbing way for it to be killed.