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I’ve spent the last four days listening to many different opinions about this elections.

I don’t think most of this is getting it right.

It’s worth thinking about the fact that Trump got about the same amount of the conservative vote that has been voting for the last 4 elections. More than half of registered voters didn’t vote at all.

Most people aren’t actively supporting Trump. They aren’t supporting anything. They’re passively giving consent for everything to just continue on as it is, get worse, get better, and no willingness or belief in an ability to get better.

So I want to talk to those people. For real. Why didn’t you vote. This isn’t a statement piece. This is me asking some questions. I’m not going to listen to a lot of equivocation. Just state your reason and move on.

Because those of us that did vote, and lost, want to know what we can do better next time.

We can not afford your passivity. This is your country.

Author: pollychromatic

Polly is a 40 something woman living in the wild far flung northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. She struggles to be awesome on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis. Some of her thoughts on life, the universe and everything can be found at the world through rainbow eyes Gravatar photo - © Sarah Klockars-Clauser

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